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A Global Tour of Government Mints: From USA to China

In this article, we'll take you on a journey across different countries to explore the history and importance of government mints, like the United States Mint and the Royal Mint in the UK, and how they continue to play a significant role in the world of money and collectibles.

A Global Tour of Government Mints: From USA to China

Government Owned Mints

  1. United States Mint (USA)
  2. Royal Mint (United Kingdom)
  3. Royal Canadian Mint (Canada)
  4. Perth Mint (Australia)
  5. Royal Dutch Mint (Netherlands)
  6. Monnaie de Paris (France)
  7. Casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexico)
  8. Banco Central de la República Argentina (Argentina)
  9. Banco de México (Mexico)
  10. South African Mint (South Africa)
  11. Banco Central do Brasil (Brazil)
  12. Royal Australian Mint (Australia)
  13. Royal Spanish Mint (Spain)
  14. Kremnica Mint (Slovakia)
  15. Central Bank of Russia (Russia)
  16. Hungarian Mint (Hungary)
  17. Royal Mint of Belgium (Belgium)
  18. Central Mint of China (China)
  19. Bank of Korea Currency Museum (South Korea)
  20. State Mints of Baden-Württemberg (Germany)
  21. Japan Mint (Japan)
  22. Royal Thai Mint (Thailand)
  23. Mint of Finland (Finland)
  24. Lithuanian Mint (Lithuania)
  25. Swissmint (Switzerland)
  26. New Zealand Mint (New Zealand)
  27. Royal Mint of Morocco (Morocco)
  28. Mint of Poland (Poland)
  29. State Mints of Austria (Austria)
  30. Mint of Norway (Norway)

Private Mints

  1. PAMP Suisse (Switzerland)
  2. Sunshine Minting (USA)
  3. Heraeus (Germany)
  4. Valcambi (Switzerland)
  5. Johnson Matthey (United Kingdom)
  6. Scottsdale Mint (USA)
  7. Geiger Edelmetalle (Germany)
  8. Elemetal Mint (USA)
  9. Engelhard (USA)
  10. Asahi Refining (Japan)
  11. Credit Suisse (Switzerland)
  12. Argor-Heraeus (Switzerland)
  13. Istanbul Gold Refinery (Turkey)
  14. Nadir Metal Rafineri (Turkey)
  15. Metalor Technologies (Switzerland)
  16. Emirates Gold (United Arab Emirates)
  17. Heimerle + Meule (Germany)
  18. Rand Refinery (South Africa)
  19. Australian Bullion Company (Australia)
  20. The Perth Mint Certificate Program (Australia)
  21. Umicore (Belgium)
  22. Royal Scandinavian Mint (Denmark)
  23. National Bank of Ukraine (Ukraine)
  24. Shanghai Mint (China)
  25. China Gold Coin Incorporation (China)
  26. Kazakhstan Mint (Kazakhstan)
  27. Royal Mint Refinery (United Kingdom)
  28. Mint of Gdańsk (Poland)
  29. Mennica Polska (Poland)
  30. Mint of Spain (Spain)

In conclusion, government mints play a vital role in the creation of coins, bullion, and legal tender worldwide. They represent both historical significance and modern craftsmanship, contributing to the global finance and collectibles industry. As we've toured mints from the USA to China, we've uncovered the rich traditions and stories behind these institutions that continue to shape our financial landscape and inspire collectors and investors alike.