Leipan 7" LCD Digital 1200X 12MP Coin Microscope $166.95

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Leipan 7" LCD Digital 1200X 12MP Coin Microscope


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The Leipan 7 is a compact and versatile LCD digital microscope that offers a magnification of up to 1200X and a resolution of 12MP. This microscope is specifically designed for viewing small objects such as coins in great detail. The built-in LCD screen allows for convenient viewing and eliminates the need for additional external monitors or devices. With its high magnification and resolution, the Leipan 7 provides a clear and crisp image, ensuring that every detail of the coin can be observed and analyzed.

Featuring a user-friendly design, the Leipan 7 offers easy operation and navigation through its simple control buttons. The microscope also includes advanced features such as adjustable LED lighting, which enables the user to adjust the brightness according to their specific requirements. Additionally, the microscope has a built-in measurement function, allowing for precise measurements of objects or structures within the coin. This makes the Leipan 7 ideal for professionals, collectors, and hobbyists who require detailed examination and analysis of coins or other small objects.

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