1935 D $1 Silver Certificate Crisp UNC G. Washington Note $25.95

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1935 D $1 Silver Certificate Crisp UNC G. Washington Note


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The 1935 D $1 Silver Certificate is a highly collectible piece of American currency. This particular note features an engraving of George Washington, the first President of the United States, on the front. It is a crisp UNC (uncirculated) note, meaning it has never been used in circulation and is in pristine condition. The note is dated 1935, which was a significant year in American history as it marked the beginning of Franklin D. Roosevelt's second term as President.

Silver certificates were a type of representative money issued by the United States government from 1878 to 1964. They were backed by an equivalent value of silver held in the Treasury, making them redeemable for silver upon demand. The 1935 D $1 Silver Certificate was part of a series of notes printed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. The "D" in the serial number denotes that the note was printed at the Dallas branch of the Bureau. Collectors and history enthusiasts alike are drawn to these vintage banknotes for their historical significance and unique design.

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