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US Error Coin Guide 2023! Stan McDonald Paperback - Book / Guide


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The US Error Coin Guide 2023 by Stan McDonald is an essential resource for coin collectors and enthusiasts looking to expand their knowledge on error coins. In this comprehensive guide, McDonald provides detailed information on a wide range of error coins, including mints, denominations, and years. Whether you're a seasoned collector or just starting out, this guide is a valuable tool for identifying, understanding, and valuing error coins.

McDonald's expertise and passion for coins shine through in this guide, as he provides insightful analysis and explanation of the various types of errors, such as doubled dies, planchet errors, and off-center strikes. Additionally, he delves into the history of error coins and how they have become highly sought after by collectors. With clear and concise descriptions, accompanied by high-quality images, readers can easily identify and appreciate the unique characteristics of each error coin.

Furthermore, this edition of the US Error Coin Guide includes up-to-date information on recent discoveries and trends in the market. McDonald also offers tips and advice on how to spot potential error coins and maximize their value. Whether you're interested in error coins as an investment or simply for the enjoyment of collecting, this guide is an indispensable resource that will enhance your understanding and appreciation of these fascinating numismatic treasures.

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