1882 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU55 Coin $58.95

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1882 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU55 Coin
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The 1882 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU55 Coin is a highly sought-after collectible currency piece that was minted over a century ago. With its distinctive design and historical significance, this coin is a favorite among numismatic enthusiasts. The obverse side features the iconic portrait of Lady Liberty, while the reverse showcases an eagle with outstretched wings. Despite being in circulated condition, this particular coin has maintained its attractive and beautiful appearance, with slight wear consistent with its age.

This Morgan Silver Dollar is graded AU55, which stands for "About Uncirculated 55," on the Sheldon Grading Scale. This means that it has some signs of wear and usage, but the overall condition is still remarkable for a coin that has been in circulation for such a long time. The coin's metal composition of 90% silver and 10% copper gives it a significant intrinsic value beyond its numismatic worth. This coin is a must-have for collectors and investors who appreciate its historical significance and aesthetic appeal.

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