1989 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 / BU / Almost Proof Like Coin! Coin $135.95

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1989 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 / BU / Almost Proof Like Coin! Coin
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Introducing the 1989 U.S. Mint $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar, a truly exceptional coin that embodies craftsmanship and beauty. This coin, with its stunning design and flawless condition, is a must-have for any serious collector or investor.

First and foremost, this coin is in picture perfect condition. Every detail of the design, from the intricate artwork to the precise lettering, is perfectly preserved. This level of quality is rarely seen, making this coin a true gem in the world of numismatics.

Additionally, unlike other coins, this particular Silver Eagle Dollar is shiny all over, boasting a brilliant luster that will surely catch the eye. The dull finish typically found on similar coins is absent here, giving this piece a unique and luxurious appeal.

To protect its pristine condition, this coin comes in a plastic Air-Tite holder. This ensures its long-term preservation while allowing you to admire its beauty without worry.

Don't miss out on this exceptional 1989 U.S. Mint $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar. With its flawless condition, extraordinary shine, and secure holder, it represents an invaluable addition to any collection or investment portfolio.

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