1889 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS66 / Unc Coin $125.75

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1889 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS66 / Unc Coin
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The 1889 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS66/ Unc Coin is a highly sought-after coin among collectors and investors. This stunning piece features the iconic design of George T. Morgan, showcasing Lady Liberty on the obverse and a majestic bald eagle on the reverse. The coin is composed of 90% silver and 10% copper, with a diameter of 38.1mm and a weight of 26.73 grams.

This particular coin is graded as MS66, which means it is in uncirculated condition and exhibits only minor imperfections. It is a true rarity to find such a high-grade specimen from the 1889 mintage, making it a prime addition to any collection. With its lustrous surfaces, sharp details, and minimal signs of wear, this coin is sure to captivate numismatic enthusiasts of all levels.

As a Morgan Silver Dollar, this coin also carries historical significance. It was minted during a time when silver was plentiful in the United States, and its design reflects the patriotic spirit of the era. The 1889 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS66/ Unc Coin is not only a stunning example of American craftsmanship, but it also serves as a tangible piece of history that continues to appreciate in value.

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