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1890 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar Fine Coin
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The 1890 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar is a highly sought-after coin for both collectors and investors. This particular coin is made of 90% silver and weighs 26.73 grams, giving it a substantial presence in any collection. With a diameter of 38.1 mm, it is a significant and impressive piece.

What sets this coin apart is its origin in New Orleans, adding a touch of history and rarity to its value. The U.S. New Orleans mint is known for producing some of the most coveted coins in American history. Owning a piece of currency from this iconic mint adds a unique sense of American heritage to your collection.

To protect and display this valuable coin, it comes in a plastic coin flip holder. This ensures the coin remains in its pristine condition, free from scratches or damage. Whether you are a seasoned collector or a beginner looking to start a collection, the 1890 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar is a timeless and investment-worthy piece that will only appreciate in value over time.

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