1896 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS65 Coin $125.95

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1896 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS65 Coin
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The 1896 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS65 Coin is a highly sought-after numismatic treasure known for its pristine condition and historical significance. This exquisite coin is graded as MS65, meaning it is in mint state and holds tremendous appeal to coin collectors and investors alike. With its stunning design and exceptional quality, this coin represents a valuable piece of American history.

The obverse of the 1896 Morgan Silver Dollar features a majestic portrait of Lady Liberty, donned in a Phrygian cap and surrounded by thirteen stars to symbolize the original thirteen colonies. The reverse showcases the iconic American bald eagle with its wings spread wide, clutching arrows and an olive branch, signifying the nation’s readiness for both war and peace. The coin was minted at the Philadelphia Mint, and its beautiful craftsmanship and impressive level of detail are evident in every aspect.

As an MS65 grade, this coin is considered to be in excellent condition with only minor imperfections. It possesses a sharp strike, intricate design, and a radiant luster that adds to its appeal. The 1896 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS65 showcases the remarkable craftsmanship and artistry of the late 19th century, making it a standout addition to any coin collection or investment portfolio.

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