1898 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS64 / BU Coin $149.50

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1898 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar MS64 / BU Coin
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Investing in rare coins can be a lucrative venture, and the 1898 $1 Morgan Silver Dollar is one such coin worth considering. This particular coin is highly sought after by collectors and investors due to its historical significance and unique design. Minted over a century ago, the 1898 Morgan Silver Dollar bears the iconic image of Liberty on the obverse and an eagle with spread wings on the reverse.

With a grade of MS64 / BU, this coin is in excellent condition, increasing its value and desirability. Made from .90 purity silver, it contains .77340 Troy Ounce of the precious metal, adding to its intrinsic worth. The rim of the coin is reeded, a feature that adds a touch of elegance and authenticity.

Originating from the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia and designed by the renowned George T. Morgan, this coin carries a sense of American history and craftsmanship. To protect and preserve its condition, it comes in either a plastic coin flip or an airtight holder. Investing in this 1898 Morgan Silver Dollar is not only a wise choice for numismatic enthusiasts but also an opportunity to own a piece of American heritage.

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