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1935 A $1 Hawaii Silver Certificate VG G. Washington Note


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The 1935 A $1 Hawaii Silver Certificate is a highly sought-after collectible banknote featuring a portrait of George Washington, the first President of the United States. This particular note is in Very Good (VG) condition, showcasing some signs of wear and age, but still retaining its overall beauty.

The obverse side of the banknote displays a detailed portrait of George Washington, with the words "Hawaii" and "One Dollar" printed across the top and bottom, respectively. The reverse side showcases a majestic vignette of an eagle perched on a rock with its wings spread wide. This design is surrounded by intricate patterns and various decorative elements, highlighting the intricacy and craftsmanship of the era.

Being a Silver Certificate, this note holds historical significance as it was issued during the time when the United States was transitioning away from the Gold Standard. This means that, unlike Federal Reserve Notes, this banknote could be exchanged for an equivalent amount of silver upon presentation to the bank. With its unique Hawaii overprint and association with a notable figure in American history, this banknote is a valuable and cherished piece among collectors and history enthusiasts alike.

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