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1935 A $1 Silver Certificate A-UNC G. Washington Note


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The 1935 A $1 Silver Certificate G. Washington Note is a highly collectible piece of currency. This note features a portrait of the first President of the United States, George Washington, on the front. It is considered to be in Almost Uncirculated (A-UNC) condition, meaning it has minimal signs of wear and remains in excellent overall condition.

This Silver Certificate is a one-dollar bill that was issued in 1935. It is backed by the silver bullion that was held in the United States Treasury at that time. These certificates were used as a form of paper currency and circulated alongside regular Federal Reserve Notes. The design features intricate engravings and a blue seal, which adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Collectors and numismatists often seek out these 1935 A $1 Silver Certificates in high condition to add to their collections. They are a piece of American history and represent a time when silver was still used to back the currency. This particular note, in A-UNC condition, is a testament to its preservation over the years and would make a valuable addition to any collection.

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