1986 $10 XIII Commonwealth Games Silver BU Proof Jamaica Coin $89.95

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1986 $10 XIII Commonwealth Games Silver BU Proof Jamaica Coin
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The 1986 $10 XIII Commonwealth Games Silver BU Proof Coin is a highly sought-after collectible item that commemorates the 13th edition of the Commonwealth Games held in Edinburgh, Scotland. This stunning coin is made of pure silver and features a brilliant uncirculated proof finish. It showcases the iconic logo of the Commonwealth Games on one side, depicting a lion and a thistle, symbolizing strength and Scottish heritage. The reverse side features an elegant design of a runner carrying the Queen's Baton, a symbol of unity and the tradition of passing the baton to the next host city.

This limited edition coin is a testament to the rich history and spirit of the Commonwealth Games. It encapsulates the values of sportsmanship, diversity, and camaraderie among the participating nations. With its exquisite design and high quality, it serves as a memorable keepsake for collectors and fans of the Commonwealth Games alike. The coin comes in a protective case, ensuring its preservation and maintaining its pristine condition for years to come.

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