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2021 1 Clay Zi:Sin Taurus Silver Proof .999 Coin
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The 2021 1 Clay Zi:Sin Taurus Silver Proof .999 Coin is a highly sought-after collectible for both coin enthusiasts and astrological enthusiasts alike. It features an intricate design that showcases the Taurus zodiac sign with incredible detail and craftsmanship. The coin is made from 1 clay (roughly 28 grams) of .999 pure silver, ensuring its high quality and value.

The obverse of the coin displays the national emblem of the Republic of Korea, surrounded by the country's name and the year of issue. On the reverse, the Taurus zodiac symbol is beautifully depicted, featuring the strong and determined bull. The coin's background showcases a unique and mesmerizing pattern that adds to its overall appeal.

As a silver proof coin, it has a mirror-like finish that enhances the intricate design and gives the coin a beautiful and elegant appearance. This limited edition coin is a great addition to any collection, whether you are a numismatic enthusiast or a believer in astrology. Its stunning craftsmanship, high silver content, and unique design make it a highly coveted piece for collectors around the world.

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