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Godox MF12-K2 Macro Flash Off-Camera TTL Flash


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The Godox MF12-K2 Macro Flash is a versatile and powerful off-camera TTL flash designed specifically for macro photography enthusiasts. This flash unit features two flash heads that can be independently positioned to provide optimal lighting for close-up shots. With a guide number of 9.8' / 3m at ISO 100, this macro flash is capable of illuminating the subject in even the most challenging lighting conditions.

Equipped with TTL functionality, the Godox MF12-K2 allows for seamless integration with compatible cameras, automatically determining the appropriate flash output based on the camera's metering system. This eliminates the need for manual flash adjustments and enables photographers to focus on capturing their subjects without worrying about the technical aspects of flash photography.

The Godox MF12-K2 also offers a variety of additional features, including high-speed sync (up to 1/8000s), an adjustable flash coverage range, and a stroboscopic flash mode. The flash heads can be easily rotated and tilted to achieve desired lighting angles, and the unit can be triggered wirelessly using a compatible transmitter.

In conclusion, the Godox MF12-K2 Macro Flash is a reliable and versatile off-camera TTL flash designed to enhance macro photography. With its dual flash heads, TTL functionality, and various additional features, this flash unit provides photographers with precise control over their macro lighting, allowing them to capture stunning close-up shots with ease.

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