2019 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 Certified Slab $140.31

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2019 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 Certified Slab
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The 2019 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar is a must-have for any serious collector or investor. This stunning coin is certified as MS70, the highest grade possible, by PCGS. This means that it is in perfect condition, with no visible flaws or imperfections.

Not only is this coin a beautiful addition to any collection, but it is also a smart investment. With its .999 purity and 1 troy oz weight, it is made from highly valuable silver. As the value of silver continues to rise, owning physical silver assets like this coin can provide a hedge against inflation and a way to preserve wealth.

The coin comes in a protective PCGS certified slab, ensuring its authenticity and protecting it from damage. The slab is also a convenient way to display and store the coin, making it easy to admire and show off to friends and fellow collectors. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this rare and valuable piece of American history. Order your 2019 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar today.

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