2022 $5 CAD Canada Maple Leaf Proof .9999 Coin $154.95

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2022 $5 CAD Canada Maple Leaf Proof .9999 Coin
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The 2022 $5 CAD Canada Maple Leaf Proof coin is a stunning commemorative piece crafted with exceptional attention to detail. Made of 9999 fine silver, this coin showcases the iconic Canadian maple leaf design, which is intricately engraved on the obverse side. The reverse side features a portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, giving it a regal touch. This limited edition proof coin is a collector's delight, designed to showcase the rich heritage and natural beauty of Canada.

With a diameter of 38mm and a weight of 31.39 grams, this coin is an impressive addition to any collection. Its proof finish enhances the visual appeal, adding a shimmering effect that enhances the intricate details of the maple leaf design. This coin is legal tender with a face value of $5 CAD, making it a valuable investment for both collectors and investors alike.

The 2022 $5 CAD Canada Maple Leaf Proof coin comes in a protective capsule to preserve its pristine condition. It also includes a certificate of authenticity, verifying its limited edition status and ensuring its authenticity. Whether you are a passionate coin collector or simply appreciate the beauty of Canadian craftsmanship, this coin is a must-have addition to your collection or a thoughtful gift for any occasion.

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