2022 Cook Islands / HMS Bounty (Ship) $1 ELlizabeth II BU .9999 31.103 gm / 1 Troy oz Coin $94.95

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2022 Cook Islands / HMS Bounty (Ship) $1 ELlizabeth II BU .9999 31.103 gm / 1 Troy oz Coin
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The 2022 Cook Islands $1 Elizabeth II BU .9999 Coin is a stunning collectible that pays homage to Queen Elizabeth II. Struck in high-quality .9999 fine silver, this coin showcases a brilliant uncirculated finish that highlights its intricate design details. On the obverse, a detailed portrait of Queen Elizabeth II can be found, capturing her regal likeness with exceptional precision. The reverse features the iconic coat of arms of the Cook Islands, complete with a sailing ship, a lighthouse, and a coconut tree, symbolizing the nation's rich cultural heritage.

This coin has a face value of $1 and is meticulously crafted by the renowned PAMP Suisse mint. Its impressive .9999 purity makes it a valuable addition to any precious metals collection. Measuring 36mm in diameter, it is housed in a protective capsule to preserve its pristine condition. Whether you're a seasoned coin collector or a fan of Queen Elizabeth II's reign, this 2022 Cook Islands $1 BU .9999 Coin is a must-have piece that captures the beauty and history of the Cook Islands and its relationship with the British monarchy.

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