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35 Coin Capsules 38.1 mm


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If you are a coin collector or investor, the Air-Tite 35 Coin Capsules are an essential accessory for protecting and preserving your valuable coins. Made from durable plastic, these clear capsules offer a secure and airtight seal to prevent any damage or deterioration to your coins over time. With a diameter of 38.1 mm, these capsules are specifically designed to fit coins of this size, making them a perfect fit for many popular coins.

The Air-Tite 35 Coin Capsules come in a pack of 35, providing you with plenty of capsules to accommodate your growing coin collection. Each capsule is manufactured by Air-Tite, a reputable and trusted brand in the coin collecting community. With their attention to detail and commitment to quality, you can trust that these capsules will provide the protection your coins deserve.

Investing in the Air-Tite 35 Coin Capsules is a wise decision for any coin collector or investor. Not only will these capsules keep your coins safe from scratches, moisture, and other potential hazards, but they also provide a visually appealing display case for your collection. Don't let your valuable coins go unprotected - invest in the Air-Tite 35 Coin Capsules today and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your collection is safe and well-preserved.

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