1918 S $0.50 Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG10 Coin $25.45

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1918 S $0.50 Walking Liberty Half Dollar VG10 Coin
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The 1918 S $0.50 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Silver is an exquisite coin for collectors and investors alike. With a purity of .90 and a weight of 12.5 gm, this coin boasts a substantial amount of silver. It comes in a secure plastic coin flip holder, ensuring its protection and preserving its value.

The design of this coin is truly unique, with its reeded rim and diameter of 30.6mm. Adolph A. Weinman, a renowned designer, crafted this masterpiece, adding to its historical significance. Minted in the U.S. - San Francisco, this coin carries a prestigious origin and showcases the craftsmanship of American mints.

This particular coin is from the year 1918, making it over a century old and a true piece of history. Its mint mark "S" signifies that it was produced at the San Francisco mint, adding to its desirability. With a grade of VG10, this coin is in very good condition and appeals to both collectors seeking rare specimens and investors looking to diversify their portfolio with valuable silver assets. Don't miss the opportunity to own this stunning 1918 S $0.50 Walking Liberty Half Dollar Silver coin.

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