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2008 S $0.50 Bald Eagle Half Dollar PF70 - Ultra Cameo - Coin
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The 2008 S $0.50 Bald Eagle Half Dollar is a highly sought-after coin for collectors and investors alike. With a grade of PF70 - Ultra Cameo, this coin is in perfect condition, with no flaws or imperfections. This high-grade certification by NGC guarantees the authenticity and quality of the coin.

The design of the Bald Eagle Half Dollar showcases the majestic bald eagle, a symbol of American pride and patriotism. This coin is a beautiful tribute to the American spirit and our nation's wildlife.

The coin comes in a protective NGC coin slab holder, ensuring its preservation and making it easy to display or store. Made of (92%) copper and .080 (8%) nickel, this coin has a weight of 11.34 grams and a diameter of 30.6 mm. Its reeded rim adds an extra touch of sophistication to this already stunning coin. Don't miss your chance to own this exceptional piece of American numismatic history.

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