1992 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS65 / BU Coin $42.88

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1992 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS65 / BU Coin
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If you're a coin collector or looking to add to your investment portfolio, the 1992 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar is a must-have. This coin is graded as MS65, meaning it is in brilliant uncirculated condition, with minimal marks or hairlines. With a silver content of .999 purity, weighing 31.103 grams or 1 Troy ounce, this coin holds both historical and monetary value. Its reeded rim and diameter of 40.6mm give it a classic, timeless appearance.

Designed by Adolph A. Weinman and John Mercanti, the obverse and reverse of this American Silver Eagle Dollar are truly stunning. The obverse features a full-length figure of Lady Liberty draped in a flowing gown, walking confidently and carrying branches of laurel and oak, symbolizing both peace and strength. The reverse displays a heraldic eagle with a shield, clutching an olive branch and arrows in its talons, symbolizing America's desire for peace but ability to defend itself. Truly a beautiful and meaningful design that captures the essence of America's ideals.

To ensure its preservation and protect its beauty, this coin comes in a plastic Air-Tite capsule. This not only shields the coin from damage caused by handling and environmental factors, but also allows you to display and admire it without worry. Whether you're buying this coin for its historical significance, as an investment, or as a gift, the 1992 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar is a fantastic choice that will bring joy for years to come.

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