1993 50 Vatu The Boudeuse 'Ships' Silver Proof UNC Coin $58.95

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1993 50 Vatu The Boudeuse 'Ships' Silver Proof UNC Coin
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The 1993 50 Vatu The Boudeuse 'Ships' Silver Proof UNC Coin is a highly collectible and sought-after coin. It features a detailed image of the Boudeuse ship, which was an 18th-century French vessel that embarked on several exploratory voyages. The coin is made with pure silver and has a proof finish, giving it a glossy and reflective appearance.

This coin was minted in 1993 in Vanuatu and has a face value of 50 Vatu. It is considered an uncirculated coin, meaning it has never been used in day-to-day transactions. Instead, it was created specifically for collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the artistry and historical significance of coins.

The Boudeuse 'Ships' Silver Proof UNC coin is not only a stunning piece of numismatic art but also a testament to the rich maritime history of France and the exploration of the world's oceans. It would make a valuable addition to any coin collection, especially those with a focus on ships or French history.

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