2011 S $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 Slab $194.46

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2011 S $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar MS70 Slab
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The 2011 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar is an exceptional coin, perfect for any collector or investor. With a purity of .999, this coin is made from the highest quality silver available. It was minted by the US Mint in Philadelphia, adding to its value and desirability.

One standout feature of this coin is that it was released as part of the 25th Anniversary Set Emergency Release. This limited edition release makes it even more sought after by collectors. Additionally, this coin comes in a protective NGC certified slab, ensuring its condition remains pristine. The slab adds an extra layer of protection and value to this already impressive coin.

The 2011 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar has been graded a perfect MS70 by NGC, further demonstrating its exceptional quality. This coin has been certified by NGC, one of the most trusted coin grading services in the industry. With a weight of 1 Troy oz and a diameter of 40.6 mm, this coin is a substantial and impressive piece.

In conclusion, the 2011 $1 American Silver Eagle Dollar is a valuable addition to any coin collection or investment portfolio. With its high purity, origin from the US Mint, limited edition release, protective NGC certified slab, perfect grade, and large size, this coin offers both beauty and value. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own this stunning piece of American history.

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