4 Ounce Silver Bar ($100 Currency Design) ! 4 oz Bullion $152.28 $146.19

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4 Ounce Silver Bar  ($100 Currency Design) ! 4 oz Bullion


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Introducing the 4 Ounce Silver Bar ($100 Currency Design)! This brilliant uncirculated 4 oz silver bar is a must-have for any collector or investor. It is 1.4 mm thick and displays a stunning $100.00 currency design.

Not only is this silver bar visually appealing, but it is also guaranteed for its authenticity. Each bar is stamped with its weight and purity, ensuring it is at least .999 fine silver. This adds value and peace of mind to your investment.

These 4 oz Silver Currency Bars are highly sought after and regularly traded and sold. With a length and width similar to a banknote, they are easily recognized and fit seamlessly into any collection or investment portfolio. Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of precious metal history!

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