1900 O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU53 Coin $75.75

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1900 O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar AU53 Coin
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This 1900 O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar is a fantastic addition to any coin collection. With its AU53 grade, it means that the coin is in Almost Uncirculated condition, showing minimal wear and maintaining a high level of detail. The 90% silver composition also adds to its appeal, as it contains 26.73 grams or .859 troy ounces of pure silver.

Not only does this coin hold great value in terms of its precious metal content, but it also has historical significance. The Morgan Silver Dollar was designed by the renowned George T. Morgan and was produced at the U.S. Mint in New Orleans. The "O" mint mark further adds to its collectability and interest for numismatists.

To ensure its preservation, this coin comes in your choice of a plastic coin flip or an Air-Tite capsule. These options provide protection against scratches, dust, and other damaging elements. Overall, this 1900 O $1 Morgan Silver Dollar combines beauty, historical significance, and numismatic value, making it a very nice coin to add to your collection.

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